7 Ways To Increase Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

Come with us as we give you a peak behind the curtain and let you in on the seven best ways to achieve landing page conversion.

Even if you have zero interest in pulling bunnies from a hat, you’re probably aware of the magician’s golden rule: never reveal your secrets.

The audience sees a cute, fluffy animal appear from the top hat and the trick has worked – they don’t need to know about the sleight of hand that goes into pulling it off.

The same rule applies to landing pages.

Customers click on your landing page and if it’s a strong and successful landing page they’ll make the purchase.

But just like the appearance of a bunny, that doesn’t just happen. There’s a whole heap of strategy that goes into creating effective landing pages.

It’s a strategy that comes from years of testing and analyzing, which creates an understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

But unlike magicians, there are some marketing professionals willing to share the secrets of increasing landing page conversion.

Come with us as we give you a peek behind the curtain and let you in on the seven best ways to achieve landing page conversion.

  1. Define your conversion goal

This is the primary step in any landing page strategy and answers the question, what’s it that the landing page is being created to achieve?

Broadly, it’s most likely to come up with leads and convert them into sales however be as specific as you can.

Maybe you want to sell 300 product units; perhaps it’s to sell 120 tickets to an event, or maybe it’s to have your video viewed 3,000 times.

Once you’ve outlined your conversion goal, every bit of selling activity must support that goal.

2. Apply the magic six

There are six golden rules of successful landing pages: strong headlines, eye-catching pictures or other media, text that draws the reader in, copy that highlights your unique selling proposition (USP), client reviews, and a strong call to action.

Tick them off one by one and you’re already in an excellent position.

3. Establish a clear usp

Most businesses are up against a stack of competition, which is why a strong unique selling proposition (USP) is so critical.

Your USP explains what you offer and how your products and services stand out from the crowd.

4. Include an offer

Offering customers a special deal can be a really powerful conversion tool.

Your promotion might be 50 per cent off, two for the price of one, or free shipping. Early bird specials are a popular draw card for event promoters.

5. Create trust

It’s one of the biggest reasons why landing pages fail to convert: lack of trust.

People are a suspicious bunch, especially on the internet, and they are more inclined to go with a business they know and trust.

Many businesses are finding that including clients reviews on their landing pages help mitigate nervousness and make customers feel more comfortable making a purchase. Remember, it’s all about creating trust.

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