How to increase website traffic?

Due to the competition and content-saturation of the audience, the conversion of sites decreased: 3-5% conversion was in 2017, down to 1-2% in 2020. Conversion of multi-page sites is even lower – 0.5%. This is due to the fact that the attention of the audience on a multi-page site is blurring.

The share of visits to sites from mobile devices has reached 80% – this is the second feature of the era of the mobile Internet.

The pressure of marketplaces on online stores is the third trend of our time. Marketplaces consume traffic and cut companies’ profits by providing product discounts.

What to do when you want a conversion?

Factors of a Successful Advertising Campaign

1. Availability of mobile and desktop versions of the site.

First of all, to adapt the site for mobile devices. Mobilize!

Mobile site vs. Adaptive layout

Responsive layout is the adjustment of all elements of the site for mobile devices without significantly changing them.

Pros of a responsive layout:

  • the site opens well on a mobile device;
  • layout elements “do not move out”, they are located in the same place as on the main site.

Cons of responsive layout:

  • on mobile devices, the site takes a long time to open, so users do not scan it to the end.

When viewing the feed, people make a maximum of four scrolls. During this time, they should see a maximum of useful information. Therefore, a mobile site is most effective for increasing conversions.

Mobile site (landing page) – a page created specifically for display on mobile devices. Its content and elements are different from the full-screen version and take into account the needs of mobile users.

Therefore, the trend to create mobile landing pages is steadily gaining momentum, gradually replacing the principle of adaptive layout.

How to increase website conversion in 10 minutes with a minimum of cost and effort

Make a 1-2-screen copy of the main site – a brief summary of the main site. If the site is made on a constructor, then you can do it yourself. For example, on Tilda, you can hide blocks depending on the width of the device.

What information should be on a mobile landing page:
  1. Descriptor (located in the upper left corner): logo and company name.
  2. The title is the main proposal of the USP.
  3. Subtitle: additional benefits of the proposal.
  4. Shootouts: product characteristics.
  5. Application form + good reason to leave contacts (benefit).
  6. Strong advantages of the product / company / service.
  7. Contacts: phone, mail, online chat, address.
  8. Mode of operation.

When visiting the site from a mobile device, the user will immediately see all the necessary information and get rid of the need to scroll through the entire feed.

2. High speed of website loading

What affects, why it is important:

  • on conversion: fast sites give 7 to 12% more conversions than slow ones;
  • cost per click in contextual advertising;
  • user return – up to 88% of customers don’t return to a slow site.
  • profit: twice the sales from a fast site for the same money.

Services for checking the website loading speed:

Google PageSpeed ​​Insights – You can check both mobile site and desktop. The service provides automatic tips on how to optimize your site.

WebPageTest is a European service, but it is notable for the fact that it allows you to choose a browser and device for revising the site, but there is no location in the CIS.

3. Separation of traffic

If there is a lot of traffic to the site (from 1000 clicks), it is better to create separate advertising campaigns for mobile and desktop devices.

When traffic is less than 1000 clicks, it is better to place an ad in Google Adwords. Direct for both mobile and desktop devices. Google Ads has a separate field for a link (mobile url) to a mobile site.

In targeted advertising, the main traffic is from mobile devices, therefore it creates a convenience for users of mobile devices – a mobile-first approach.

Use our tips to optimize website traffic and increase conversions.

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