SEO and PPC; the perfect mix for your campaigns

SEO today

s of 2018, the game in SEO, (positioning in search engines or Search Engine Optimization ), has changed a lot; Google leads as the number one search engine on the web as more than 90% of queries are made there, not to mention that YouTube is usually next on the list, and virtually all other relevant search engines rely heavily on technology from Google to work.

As a result of the popularization of Inbound Marketing or Content Marketing, millions of sites emerged that sought to position themselves by offering content that does not really add value to the user, nor does it enrich the information on the web; the sites may well meet all Technical SEO guidelines, but the quality of the information is questionable. According to Gary Illyes, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, the search engine is very focused on removing duplicate content since 60% of the content on the internet is copies

Not only does this have implications for user experience and data quality, but there is also real concern about the environmental impact of tracking this many sites. In addition to this, in 1998, with PageRank it was confirmed that the number of links that point to a site influences its positioning, causing the proliferation of portals whose sole purpose is to generate links to catapult others that really do not deserve the place they hold in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages); Nowadays the quality of backlinks matters more than the quantity.

Why is it so important to include SEO in your strategy?

SEO goes far beyond keywords and metadata. With the addition of Natural Language Processing Technologies (BERT/MUM), the search engine has the ability to interpret content literally just as we humans do. Additionally, there is a particular focus on the need to guarantee the web as a space for all; accessibility is something that is not up for discussion, and with the popularization of smart speakers and other technologies, the network has more ways to experience and universalize its access.

PPC meets SEO

Here is a very important clarification; It’s not that one is better than another. The most valuable of the two strategies is when they come together and complement each other. Leaving one of the two out in your digital campaigns leaves very large gaps in the strategy that in the long term is reflected in the positioning results of your brand.

Many times we consider the measurement of our campaigns with an incorrect KPI or not appropriate to the objective of the brand or the optimal one to make a strategic decision.

The main one that we always take into account is the CTR, which without a doubt in many reports is better in PPC than in SEO, however, we very rarely consider a key indicator, the CAC (customer acquisition cost).

This is when our entire strategic vision changes.

Those who, on the other hand, offer quick solutions, immediate results, and offers that sound too good to be true, in effect, are falsehoods or they would be based on corrupt practices that can circumvent the ranking factors giving “results” for a time and in In the short-medium term, the negative consequences will be seen, compromising the investment, having missed the opportunity to establish a solid base of organic traffic that is in line with the values ​​and vision of the brand and the company.

At Abnoq we have worked with large-scale brands, we have the knowledge and the appropriate methodology to offer tailor-made SEO solutions that respond to the real needs of the user and that seek, on the one hand, to guarantee sustainable results over time, maximizing the return on investment, and on the other, to establish long-term alliances with our clients, forming a bond of trust, based on results.