How Facebook Retargeting Ads can Boost your Conversions

How Facebook retargeting can be effective in converting interested consumers into paying clients?

Remember, the pair of shoes that you saw on an e-commerce website, started following you around Facebook and other social media platforms?

Or when you google caravan parks down the coast, your Facebook newsfeed suddenly displays ads for camping equipment?

It is known as Facebook retargeting – and it is a digital marketing strategy proving highly effective in converting interested consumers into paying clients.

What Is Facebook Retargeting?

Retargeting refers to a marketing focus on those potential customers who interacted with your business in some way but have not made a purchase.

Possibly they have clicked on a product description but not made it to the checkout, or they have visited an event landing page but not booked tickets. This tells you that the customer is interested in what you have to offer, but needs a little more digital marketing strategies to achieve conversion.

How Facebook retargeting works: every time a person visits your website or landing page a cookie is planted in their browser. Facebook retargeting uses this information and funnels specific advertising into the client’s Facebook feeds.

You might have heard the term Facebook remarketing, which may be somewhat confusing. Although the outcomes of retargeting and remarketing are the same (to convert leads into sales) they are actually different. Where Facebook retargeting moves a lead from social media feeds to purchase, remarketing tends to be more focused on sending email as a conversion tool.

How Facebook Retargeting Boosts Conversions

The reason behind which Facebook retargeting is so successful is that the client is already interested in what you have to offer.

Although regular facebook ads attract leads but most of the time they don’t convert and your digital marketing strategy has to work them right down the sales funnel, from awareness to research, to consideration to purchase.

Facebook retargeting needs to convert a client from consideration to purchase.

Facebook retargeting also allows you to target particular behaviors. For example, you have a sports equipment store that sells a wide range of products from sports equipment to apparel. If someone has only looked at shoes, Facebook retargeting allows you to feed them with ads focussed only on shoes.

Facebook Retargeting Strategies To Try

The Facebook retargeting, marketing strategy that is best for you will depend on your business, your client base, and your desired outcome, but here are some popular ones:

Video starter: With Facebook retargeting, a present approach works well. One popular strategy is to form the primary ad a video, followed by more targeted follow-up ads pointed to those that watched over 50% of the video.

Specific products: Don’t be surprised if that one particular item you checked out on a website pops up in your Facebook feed time and time again. Often just seeing an item again is enough to move a client to purchase.

Fading customers: Another great strategy is to focus on clients who have purchased from you in the past but haven’t made a sale during a set amount of your time, with ads featuring products almost like those previously purchased.

Abandoned carts: Oh, so close! Those customers who have placed items in their carts but not proceeded to checkout are rock bottom of low-hanging fruit and are the right candidates for retargeting.

Best Practice Guidelines For Facebook Retargeting

If you are keen to urge onto Facebook targeting, the primary thing your digital marketing professional must do is to put in the Facebook pixel into your website code. this will track the people that visit and register the actions they take, the pages they visit, and therefore the items they add to their carts.

The next step is to make a Custom Audience which will allow the Facebook pixel data to specify the people you would like to reach along with your remarketing campaign.

Then you need to create dynamic ads that show your selected products or service. Dynamic ads automatically show every viewer the products specific to their action.

An important part of any marketing campaign is to analyze, analyze, analyze. one of the strengths of Facebook retargeting is that you can see how a specific strategy is performing. based on those results, you’ll pivot your campaign, or redouble your efforts on what is working well.

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