Why SEO is Important for Successful Content Marketing

It is not possible for content to succeed without SEO. Here’s how you can unite your SEO and content strategy to get good results.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “content is king” a couple of (hundred) times when discussing SEO, but do you know that SEO is equally important for content? Yes, SEO really is that important for your content. As any parent will tell you, there are not many things in life more irritating than talking when you know no one is listening. As content marketing professionals will tell you, that’s exactly what happens when you create content but ignore SEO.

Often SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and content marketing are considered as two separate components of a digital marketing strategy. You create the content, slap some SEO on it, and hope that it shows up in search, right?


In fact, there are few aspects of digital marketing strategy that are as closely linked as SEO and content, which is why SEO is important for the success of your content marketing.

SEO Puts The Customer First

To begin with, SEO does what every digital marketing strategy should: it puts the customer front and center.

Always remember the golden rule of content marketing: it should always identify a need, want, or problem of the consumer and explain why your product or service can help in the best way to resolve it.

Content that answers a specific question or addresses a need directly will always rank on the top in search engines. Turns out the golden rule of digital marketing – putting the customer first – is also the golden rule of content and SEO.

Content Makes Technical SEO Work Harder

There are a lot of technical aspects sitting behind SEO strategies and this matters greatly where content is concerned.

A detailed site map, accurate slugs, and keyword-rich tags will boost your website in search.

Content builds on the power of your technical SEO strategy. Together content and technical SEO will maximize your overall search strategy.

Social Media Impacts SEO

Think of SEO and social media as two different parts of a conversation. SEO says I want to find something, and social media replies, here it is.

To get the best results, focus on creating high-quality, unique content and you will succeed in both social media and SEO.

Keywords Matter

A key part of SEO is using keywords in your content so they rank higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Remember that it is a delicate balance.

We all have read keyword-stuffed content, where one keyword or phrase is used ten times in the opening paragraph. The agenda of that article was probably to rank highly in search, rather than answer any question or query that the reader might have.

Instead of repeating the same words again and again, a better strategy is to research the best-performing websites and competitive keywords that are specific to your business or industry and focus on including these strategies in your content, such as in headlines.

SEO Supports Durability Of Content

Integrating SEO into your content will not deliver amazing results immediately, but it will deliver results that durable.

Content with strong SEO will show up high on the search engine, even after years of publication.

We have seen many clients who continue to get leads from their ever-green articles that they published years ago, found via search.

Need Help Boosting Your SEO and Content Marketing?

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