Optimize your international SEO

The optimization of a website is a necessary step for it to appear in the first results of the national search engines compared to predefined keywords.

It is an essential lever to improve its visibility on the net , at national and international level, in order to increase its turnover and to conquer new markets.

However, this must be adapted to the country, the target audience and the engine of the country concerned, because each country has its dedicated engine (google.com/.fr/.es/.de/.it,…).

A – Using an expert is important

Calling on an international SEO specialist is a guarantee of success when seeking to deploy a relevant and effective international strategy.

Some set up this type of project internally. However, this is often complicated, as there are many parameters to consider. Also, it is necessary to be an expert for the process to bring real benefits.

Different steps are necessary to be well placed in international search results :

  • First, the site must be translated into the language of the target country, but this is not enough.
  • The keywords must also be adapted, because they are not all as efficient according to the geographical area concerned.
  • Obtaining information on uses / requests in relation to the internet is an essential element that a professional agency can provide (hence the need to have native-speaking writers).
  • Finally, the site must be configured according to country-specific parameters (hreflang tags).
B – The advantages of a good international referencing

When you hire a professional SEO agency , international SEO provides many benefits.

This makes it possible to conquer new markets quickly and efficiently, by optimizing costs as well as marketing procedures. Nowadays, being present on the web with an ergonomic and aesthetic site is essential. In all countries, the Internet has become a popular tool for researching information and choosing products, but also plays on the reputation and notoriety of the company, which is also a key element in developing internationally.

However, the site must gain visibility and SEO is the best way to achieve this.

In addition, the deployment of an international site offers the possibility of:

  • to increase its activity and its prospecting area
  • get lots of opportunities without spending too much money.

This type of eMarketing approach is accessible to all types of businesses, SMEs and even very small businesses, especially if they call on a competent service provider. The advice of an expert also saves time and helps to set up a relevant strategy guaranteeing immediate results.

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