The key role of backlinks for good positioning on Google

For a newly created site, becoming first on Google is possible, but the process is complex and takes time.

Indeed, its visibility in search results depends on its technical characteristics, the quality of its content and its popularity.

The backlinks are key in the Google positioning of a site.

The influence of netlinking on natural referencing

Gaining traffic and winning against sites that are already firmly established is no small task.

  • On the one hand, you have to work on the technical aspect : take care of the structure, strengthen the internal network, insert the right markers.
  • On the other hand, it is essential to publish rich , relevant, well-written and optimized content with carefully chosen keywords .
  • Finally comes the question of popularity . Sharing blog posts on social media only produces short-term results, even for those with a large community of followers.

The best way to get lots of clicks is to get the web community to direct people to their site. For this, Adwords-type advertising or other marketing methods (emailing, affiliation, display, social networks, etc.) are necessary, but directing as much traffic as possible to your site through other sites is the most effective: it is is the principle of inbound links or backlinks . These are links on sites that point to another. The greater their quantity, the more Google considers that the target site is therefore popular and deserves its attention and trust. Consequently, this last criterion makes it possible to strengthen its position in the first places of its search results or SERP .

However, netlinking is only effective if these inbound links are regular and come from sites or blogs that are themselves recognized and above all, which relate to a similar theme . Backlinks, even numerous, but located on sites belonging to a domain that has no point in common with that of the target website are therefore of no value. On the other hand, Google positioning can be boosted by links integrated into specialized platforms and having a very high authority (because they are known to the public).

Winning Google’s top spots, a long-term job

In addition to all these efforts, the SEO must be patient, because it often takes several months to measure the impact of a well-organized SEO strategy .

In addition, even while respecting all the rules of a good natural referencing , a new site cannot immediately upset a hierarchy established for years, and dislodge older actors and having the status of reference such as Wikipedia, Pinterest, or famous brands in their respective fields.

It happens that the response they offer to a specific query is less relevant than that produced by the content page of a recent well-optimized site , but their authority keeps them at the top of the SERPs and it is in this case that the backlinks are very important.

To gain additional traffic and boost sales and revenues, failing to occupy the number one place in search results, you must be in the top 5 . Beyond this rank, even staying on the first page, studies show that the click-through rate drops very quickly.

We must therefore continue our efforts, they end up being rewarded. If necessary, natural referencing actions can be supplemented by paid advertising, on Google or on social networks.

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