Why Facebook Ads is becoming essential for your business?

From traditional advertising to social advertising

The traditional model of the advertising campaign is dead… Long live Facebook Ads and social advertising!

In terms of internet advertising , pre-rolls on YouTube, intrusive banner ads and insistent remarketing have become formats rejected by internet users and therefore useless for advertisers.
Why? because these are non-targeted and non-contextualized advertisements that only encourage one action, that of clicking on the “play video” button!

In addition to being promotional, this intrusive format also slows down your browsing on the sites concerned.
In summary, we can say that these advertisements are ineffective and that Internet users logically pay less and less attention to them. Moreover, the click-through rate on Display ads is less than 1%, or less than 1 in 100 people who click on them.

An advertisement that is no longer one:

What Internet users want today are more immersive formats, adapted to what they are looking for and which do not interrupt their browsing. The social advertising , as proposed by Facebook on its network, meets all these requirements:
It is immersive nature since it is naturally integrated into the platform, in our news feed, directly related to the content that we consult.
Facebook, but also Instagram, Twitter and even Linkedin is developing it more and more.
These advertisements therefore have the advantage of being extremely targeted, which aroused more interest among Internet users. In addition, if you don’t like some of them, all you have to do is scroll through your news feed to no longer see them or choose to hide them (option offered on each ad).

The advantages of Facebook Ads:

Studies indicate that spending on social advertising will hit record highs with forecasts of around $ 35 billion for 2017. So why not you?
If you are not convinced by the effectiveness of Facebook Ads, here are some arguments that should change your mind:

1: To develop your visibility!

If you’ve ever created a Facebook page for your business, then you know that the organic reach of your posts is limited.

This is because when you post content on your page not many people will see it because you are competing with a multitude of other businesses first and space is limited.

In addition, Facebook’s algorithm organizes and classifies the publications on the platform with the sole objective of their relevance to you. And when you go to Facebook, it’s primarily to relax and find the latest news from friends and relatives, and certainly not to go shopping.

Facebook understands this and its algorithm will always offer you the posts you want to see first so that you don’t find yourself with a news feed full of promotional posts. You will also never see several promotional posts one after the other. The publications of your relatives will remain priority.

Facebook Ads is therefore ideal for boosting the reach of your advertising messages at a lower cost. Only 5 € invested, will allow you to reach more than 1000 people.

2: To benefit from very powerful targeting criteria

Facebook offers you very powerful targeting criteria to define your audience:

  • Very fine geolocation up to 1 km around your business or point of sale
  • Gender, age group, language
  • Socio-professional categories
  • center of interest (pages already liked)
  • behaviors (birthdays, recent trips)

This targeting will allow you to optimize your advertising investments as well as possible by sending your message only to people likely to find the most interest in it. And even if people don’t click, they’ll see your ad multiple times and remember it.

3: test different ads

Facebook Ads has the huge advantage of being able to do A / B testing in real time. Whether you run one or more ads, it won’t cost you more, so take the opportunity to multiply visual creations and teaser messages to test which ones work best with your audience.

An advertiser who only sponsors one or two creations is missing out on the opportunity to be able to fully utilize the full power of Facebook’s algorithm.

4: To maximize the return on investment of your campaigns

Less ROIste than its Montain View competitor, Facebook Ads will also cost you less than the management of Google Ads. You will also be able to measure very precisely the return on investment of your campaigns according to the chosen objectives (notoriety, engagement, traffic, conversions, etc.).
You will have access to the performance of your campaigns in real time and you can also configure your campaign to limit your daily budget and thus cap your investment.


Facebook Ads is particularly useful for small and medium-sized businesses who want to promote themselves, develop their visibility and generate contacts for their business at a lower cost.

You no longer need to be a big brand to reach thousands of people. With social networks, it is now possible for everyone.
The powerful targeting and the management and analysis tools guarantee you an optimal use of your investment.

These many advantages explain the massive development of this communication medium for companies. It is also the most mature social network on the market with the largest audience. The number of advertisers multiplying, it is essential not to wait any longer and to start now in order to benefit from still low costs!

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